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Március 15. Square - Main Square PDF Print E-mail

The Március 15 Square was an important commercial centre even in the middle ages. A dominant building of the square was the St. Matthew Church.


The citizen houses, statues and public buildings had been built mainly in baroque style during the big baroque reconstruction of the town. László Sáros, an architect honored by Ybl-Award, gave the new look of the square.

The rebuilding finished in September 2006.


St. Matthew Crypt

There is an exhibition in the crypt under the big glass roof. The ruins of a stone church built in roman style and the ruins of the church's cemetery are there to see. During workdays the entrance to the crypt is ensured by the Tragor Ignác Museum.


White Friars' Church (Március 15 tér 24.)

One of the nicest buildings of the square is the White Friars' Church, which had been built in the XVIII. century in baroque-rococo style. There are different, wonderful decorations in the front of the church, Ion-offsets, spiral ornaments, vases and statues. Despite of the simple outlook the inside is very rich decorated. The colors are bright, the statues are white, and the altar-pieces are genial. The sensation of the year 1995 was the finds in a secret crypt of the church. 200 years along was the entrance of the crypt walled up. During the renovation of the church the entrance had been demolished and several mummies had been found here. A special climate of the crypt ensured the very good conditions of 262 coffins and the bodies as well. There is an exhibition Memento Mori in the cellar of the house at Március 15. tér 19. There can bee seen the mummies with the rich decorated palls, and the painted coffins. These founds are unique in Central Europe. In front of the church there is the statue of St. Joseph with the little Jesus.


St. Hedwig Statue

Vác is the heart of the Danube Bend. St. Hedwig is the patron saint of the Danube Bend. She helped the poor, the ill, the orphans and the widows. She was born in 1373 as the third and youngest daughter of the Hungarian-Polish King Louis the Great. The Tourist Committee of the Danube Bend's Regional Council dedicated the saint as the patron of the Danube Bend and now we celebrate the Danube Bend's Day on St. Hedwig's name day.


András Chazár Education Institute for Deaf-Mutes (Március 15. tér 6.)

The first school for deaf-mute people in Hungary was established by András Chazár in 1802. He was the clerk of the county Gömör. His statue is in the park of the school. The building had a lot of functions during the centuries - it was a bishop palace, a Teresianum, later became a cloister and girls' school. Behind the Restaurant on the square there is the Konstantin Garden, where the Christmas tree of the town stands at Christmastime.


Mansion (Március 15. tér 20.)

Regarding the keystone of the front door this medieval building might have been the personal property of the chapter or it was his residence. Referring a written document the house had been rebuilt in baroque style and from 1770 operated as a hotel. The front of the house is eclectic. The cellar is 140 m2 and since September 2006 there is a Wine Museum. There is also a Public Gallery in the house, where the painting of the artist of Vác can be seen. The public library organizes here a "Cultural Café" seasonally. A public toilet will be open in the house soon.

In front of the building there is Bell-Pavilion, plays a glockenspiel every hour.


Former Palace of the Great Provost (Március 15. tér 4.)

The medieval house had been rebuilt in baroque style in the second half of the XVIII. century. On the front side there are a lot of classical ornaments, like Ion-offsets, and the triangular frontage. The very nice grating of the balcony had been made from wrought iron. There is a clerical-art collection in the building fro the moment. In front of the house in the Europe park there is a baroque Maria Statue.


Hospital & Greek-Catholic Chapel (Március 15. tér 7-9.)

There is a small chapel inside the building. Originally it was a seminary and later became a hospital.

Beside the hospital there is the City Hall (Március 15. tér 11.). This is the nicest building of the worldly baroque architecture in Vác. Above the front door there is a nice wrought iron balcony. On the frontage there is the coat of arms of the town. Above the frontage there are three statues. In the middle there is the antic Greek goddess of the justice, Justice. On the right and on the left there are two lying women, holding arm of the nation and the Migazzis' family crest.
In the middle of the square there is the Fountain of the Partnertowns. There are the shields of the partnertowns of Vác on it and on the top of the column there is the statue of St. John.

Towards the Köztársaság Street the Main Square is closed by the modern Vienna Town Gate.



Önkormanyzati Minisztérium Támogatásával
Önkormanyzati Minisztérium Támogatásával