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Similar to a man, a town will be defined according to its past, present and future. This is the situation also in Vác, in this more than thousand years old small town. Vác's is rich in built heritage, thanks to bishops of the town, who always supported the development. There is a unique triumphal arch, the baroque bridge with the statues of the saints, the DOM, and the several churches of the town show us the glorious past. You should definitely visit the exhibition "Memento mori" with its mummy, which is a part of the World Heritage. Today we are not in the group of the "Dirty 12", the most polluted cities of the country, but we are one of the leaders in the group of the "Nicest Flowered "cities of Hungary. We are proud of our sport result; Vác became the "Sport-town of the Nation" in 2004. In the swimming hall, in the sports-court, at the Danube, and on the bicycle-road between Göd and Szob you can do sport as a player or a professional as well. After the excavation of the St. Michael church from the Middle Age the reconstruction of the Main Square have been finished. A successful EU tender made it possible to rebuilt the square and renovate its baroque buildings. Vác is also a festival town. Spring Festival, Arts' Weeks in Autumn, Cultural Days in Winter, in summer the Worldly Feast and the Evenings at the City Hall are very popular events. More than 2000 students live, study and make the city life more active in Vác, as the Apor Vilmos Catholic Collage moved to Vác. Vác is a host town. Once you move in, you will feel quickly as a part of the town and become a local patriot soon. The citation of Rousseau is valid for Vác, too:"Houses build a town, but citizens form it."