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Address: Vác, március 15. tér 11., Városháza

The founders of the MOBILE MADI MUSEUM, Zsuzsa Dárdai and János Szász Saxon first met MADI artists, among them Carmelo Arden Quin, in Paris in 1991. Since the basic theory of MADI is has its roots in the work of László Moholy-Nagy and László Péri, they resolved to forge a link between contemporary constructive, geometric artists in Hungary and the international movement. In 1993, they founded the Central European branch of the MADI movement, before Arden Quin set up the International MADI Society.

Contemporary constructive-geometric movements have a great tradition in Hungary, including the work of – besides Moholy-Nagy and Péri – Miklós Schöffer, Victor Vasarely, Vilmos Huszár and above all Lajos Kassák, who in 1921 created the art form “image architecture”. The youngest artists were students of the constructivist free school led by János Fajó, a pupil of Kassák.

In 1993, The founders organised a series of exhibitions for the first time from a great number of works dating back to the 70s in the Győr Műcsarnok gallery, and then in the Kassák Museum in Budapest. In the twenty years since, hundreds of exhibitions and dozens of festivals have followed this initiative in Europe and North and South America, they edited ten issues of the MADI art periodical, and the world’s largest MADI collection they built up out of artists’ donations. The Mobile MADI Museum holds five hundred works (sculptures, image-objects and graphics) by a hundred fifty contemporary artists from 16 countries.

Opening hours:

Tuesday 9-17
Thursday: 9-17
Friday 12-17