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Vác and the surrounding area offer many opportunities for nature -loving visitors. The Artéri Nature Trail and the foothills of Naszály, Gyadai Nature Trail waits for hikers. The visitors can admire the beauty of the famous botanical garden at Vácrátót. The Börzsöny's three railway lines waiting for the tourists: the Királyrét, the Nagybörzsöny and the Kemence railway offer many options to enjoy the unique of natural environment.

Ártéri Nature Trail

arteritan Walking through the Liget Vác (near the Danube) is an unforgettable expierence for all ages.

Gyadai Nature Trail

The Gyadai Nature Trail is an environmental showroom at the northern foot of Naszály Vác. The length of trail is 5 km. Closed hiking shoes and long clothes are recomennded. You can get more informations of the trail with information-tables what are found there.

National Botanic Garden, Vácrátót

The 180-year-old romantic landscape-designed garden, also a national monument and nature conservation area, is the richest scientific plant collection of Hungary . The scenes of this 27 hectare park are engaging in all four seasons. There are 62 nesting bird species in the garden, while 22 fish species inhabit its waters and 73 species of molluscs find their homes in its area. Annual plant exhibitions, intimate trails, rose and geranium collections, and countless tiny wonders of nature await our guests throughout the year.

Opening times

Botanical Garden
8:00-18:00 from
April 1 - October 31

8:00-16:00 from
November 1 - March 31

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Királyréti Forest Railway

One of the oldest small railway, line of the Börzsöny railway network is the Királyréti Forest Railway. It runs in Morgó-patak Valley, from Kismaros-Szokolya to Királyrét, which is a popular starting pont for hikers.
Timetable informations:

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Kemencei Forestry Museum Railway

The Kemence Forestry Museum Railway is a unique 600 mm narrow gauge railway at Hungary: all of jobs are made by volunteers. Volunteers renew, rebuild the old engines, volunteers restore the abandoned and destroyed track and volunteers drive the engines on the line. Please visit our homepage, we've several photos from the beginnings, we've several informations about the village and of course about the railroad's history.

Timetable informations:
Tóth Gábor: +3620/388-5743

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